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By on April 15, 2013
The correct way to use resume templates

Your resume has to hold a great deal of important data, but it also needs to look nice. In order to accomplish this, you might want to use a resume template. These are basically layouts that tell you where certain pieces of information need to go.

A template can make it easier to create a resume that looks nice and attracts employers to your piece of paper among all the others!

Free Resume Templates

If you have a writing program on your computer, like Microsoft Word, then you already have resume templates available. These have pre-loaded templates in them, but you can also download more online. Since these are already on your computer, they are free to access right away.

Google Docs also have resume templates available to use. These are completely free, but you will need to sign into Google using your account (or create one for free). After this, you can browse through all the templates that are available and then use the one that you like. The best part is that you can store your resume straight through your account, which will ensure it is really simple to send out and share with others.

There are also a number of online resume builders that have a huge selection of resume templates built into the program. Many of these services offer a free trial or even free use with a limited amount of functionality.


-Simple to find.
- Many options.


- A lot to sift through.
- Some may not look professional.

Resume Templates for Word

One of the most popular free resume templates is Microsoft word. Word has many built in templates that you can use straight out of the box. Each version of MS word is slightly different, so your best option is to use the latest version available.

When you open up Microsoft Word on your computer, click on: file – new – templates. From here, you can look at the templates that are already on your computer, or you can go online to access more through the Microsoft website. If you choose to look at those online, you can easily download them through the site so that they are available on your computer. Once you have the templates that you like on your Word processor, you can start making your very own unique resume.

The only problems you might run into when downloading certain templates is that you need to have a specific version of Word. If you don’t update your processing system, then you might not be able to access certain templates that you like. Unfortunately there is no way, other than updating Word, that you can avoid this.


- Once downloaded you can use these offline.


- Must be used on Word.

Student Resume Templates

Whether you’re just graduating high school or in college, student resume templates are designed to bring out your brightest and most career-oriented features. You can find these both online and through Word or Google, but it’s also pretty easy to create your own by just using examples you find online. Since you probably don’t have a much work experience, you will need to ensure your talents and specialties are easy to find on the resume.

For example, start your resume with your contact details at the top of the paper, and then move onto your education. Be sure to add in any awards or honors that you were given in school that pertain to the job you are trying to get. After this, add in your experience, if any, and include relevant facts that can help you get the job that you want.


- Can help you design an impressive resume right out of school.


- Can be difficult to fill in all areas with many details.

Online Resume Template

If you have access to the internet then you can easily create your resume with all the resources that are available. The first option is to use websites that have templates available. There are a variety of different styles of templates, so you can choose which is most visually appealing to you. The majority of these are free, but you may run into some that cost money.

One of the best parts about using an online resume template is that you can easily look at examples what you should be writing. This means that if you are stuck finding which words you should write, then you can use a sample for inspiration. It’s always best if you tweak the samples to create a resume that is unique to you.

Resume builders are also great tools to use online that are generally free. These allow you to build your resume from the top to the bottom. If you want a customized resume that isn’t made from a template, then this is what you need. These guide you through the process of making a resume, which will teach you a lot.


- Easy to use and free in most cases.


- A lot of options to choose from.

Professional Resume Templates

Professional resume templates are designed to attract employers for your specific profession. Generally these lean more on what experience you have rather than your previous education, including high school or honors programs. These templates are easy to follow and will help you create a polished resume that gets you more interviews. Expect to write a lot of details about your experience with different jobs, but also expect to include specific details about what types of skills you have to offer.

Here are examples of some different types of resume formats professionals can use:

Functional Resume Format

- Most employers like these formats because they make it really quick to identify important career details. An example of this format is: contact information, objective, summary of qualifications, professional accomplishments and education.

Chronological Resume Format

- If you want to produce a traditional resume, then this is your best option. It makes it a breeze to find work history and is laid out in a manner that most employers like. An example of how information is listed on this format is: contact information, experience, education and special skills.

Combination Resume Format

- Employers also like this format because it lists information they need up front. An example of how the data is laid out is: contact information, objective, qualifications, professional accomplishments, work history and education.

Downloadable Resume Templates

Downloadable resume templates are convenient because once they are downloaded, you don’t have to be online to use them. There are also a lot of these available and new ones that are always being released. As discussed above, they are made for Word and can be found through the Microsoft website or by clicking on the link through the template wizard on Word.


- Can result in making a unique resume.


- Has to be downloaded and cannot be worked on online.

Whether you are looking for your first job or your 20th, resume templates are things that you should definitely take advantage of. The best part about them is that they can guide you so that you can write your own unique resume. This can easily get you noticed and result in finally being able to get the interviews you have wanted.

Further details regarding resume writing plus tips about resume services and resume cover letters are available here.

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